What options are there to show a foreign owned dog in Canada?

To show and receive points toward  a CKC championship and to receive the Championship Certificate, U.S. owned dogs need one of the following:

  1. Obtain an Individual CKC registration number or,
  2. Obtain an ERN (Event Registration Number) or.
  3. Enter as a listed dog and subsequently obtain an individual CKC registration number or an ERN within 30 days


Event Registration Number (ERN):

  • Dog must be foreign born and owned. If there are any Canadian co-owners, the dog is not eligible for an ERN.
  • Please provide the address for all co-owners on the back of the application or on a separate paper.
  • An ERN must be obtained within 30 days of obtaining points, awards or scores to avoid cancellation. If factors beyond your control prohibit this or present a problem, please send a written request for a 30-day extension.
  • PAL or on-line AKC registration not accepted.
  • A copy of the original Registration certificate must accompany this application (copies of online AKC confirmation will not be accepted).
  • Titles earned by dogs with an Event Registration Number (ERN) do not appear on the pedigree of any progeny.
  • Assigned ERN may be used indefinitely or until the dog is CKC registered.
  • An ERN is solely for the purpose of competing in CKC events..


download application for an ERN number here

Listed Dog:

If the dog is born in Canada, and is eligible to be registered, but has not yet received their CKC #, they can be entered as a ‘listed’ dog. A dog born outside of Canada, but not yet registered in Canada, can also be entered as a ‘listed’ dog.

If a “listed” dog gets points while in Canada, you must apply for registration within 30 days  to the Canadian Kennel Club. Otherwise the dog will lose any points it received before being registered.

Listing fees are relatively expensive so it is strongly advised that you obtain full registration or an ERN for your dog before entering. Full CKC Registration is your best option if you would like to use your dogs for breeding to Canadian dogs, and does not cost much more than the ERN number. An ERN number is relatively simple to register an AKC dog with the CKC for participation in CKC events. Note however, that dogs used for breeding with ERN numbers do NOT have their titles recorded on the CKC papers of any offspring.

CKC Rule Book:

8.3 Entries

8.3.1 Every dog entered in a conformation show must be one of the following:
(a) registered with the CKC,
(b) have an Event Registration Number,
(c) eligible for registration with the CKC, [Listing fees apply]

8.4 Listed Dogs

8.4.1 If a dog is not registered as in 8.3.1 (a) or (b) but is eligible for registration with the CKC, it may be entered at a show as a listed dog provided:

(a) that if born in Canada, it is eligible for individual registration;
(b) that if not born in Canada, it is eligible for registration in the records of the CKC;
(c) that if it is a foreign born and owned dog, an Event Registration Number or CKC registration number is obtained from the CKC within 30 days of the first show entered.

8.4.2 Entry of a listed dog at a show must be accompanied by a listing fee as set by the Board in addition to the regular entry fee.

8.4.3 The CKC has the right to require the owner of a listed dog to provide proof of the dog’s eligibility for registration in the CKC. If it is found that the dog is not eligible, the CKC shall have the right to cancel all wins.

8.4.4 When a CKC registration number for a listed dog is received after the closing date and prior to the date of the show, this number may be added to the entry and noted in the marked catalogue. Listing fees will not be refunded. This then allows a dog who completes the requirement for championship status to be moved up to Specials.