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Canadians who are not CKC members please note:

CKC Policy and Procedures Manual, Chapter 6 / Shows and Trials/
Section U: Administration Charges

3. Non-Member Participation Fee [Board Motion #24-12-10]

a) An annual non-member participation fee for awards and titles will be charged to a Canadian non-member of The Canadian Kennel Club. The fee will match the Event Registration Number (ERN) fee.

b) In order to protect the awards/titles earned, the non-member will have a choice either to become a Canadian Kennel Club member or to pay the non-member participation fee. Failure to comply within thirty (30) days of notification will cause all awards and titles to be cancelled.

c) The Premium List must carry a note stating that these fees apply only to dogs wholly owned by non-Canadian Kennel Club members and are not applicable to Canadian Kennel Club members.


Note: U.S. owned dogs merely need a CKC Individual Registration Number or an ERN to receive a CKC championship and to receive the Championship Certificate.  The Non-Member Participation Fee does not apply to US owned dogs.